Customers and Dealers
Fors MW creates value by meeting our customers' needs with a spirit of innovation. Fors MW customers operate in more than 50 countries around the world. Our customers are in every corner of the globe. Customers working in both large and small companies and operating under different conditions. We create value by understanding our customers' everyday needs, presence on the market and efficient production. Fors MW always strives to be at the forefront and, through that, offers the best combination of product development, quality and price.
- Fors MW has 250 dealers worldwide
Strategy and Product development
Fors MW corporate strategy is based on our customers' needs. Our design team always works with the market to create a wide and varied range of products. Fors MW creates growth by knowledge and understanding of the market we work with. We always take market share in both existing and new markets by being at the forefront of product development.
- Each year, our design team carries out more than 150 updates to existing products to improve the user experience and quality. - We are supported in our work by 854 independent suppliers from around the world.
The Fors MW business concept is based on it being better to earn less per sold product and sell in large volume than the other way around. To keep pace with the business concept, while maintaining increased turnover and improved profitability, it is important that we keep our focus on the best price in all areas. This entails continual improvement within the group. Production that is always under scrutiny.
- Fors MW uses 1,400,234 kg of steel annually in our production processes in Saue, Estonia. - Each year, 172,177 metres of hose is routed through our products for hydraulic flows. - Each year, Fors MW has 119 containers (10 a month) at sea with parts and goods from overseas en route to our production facility in Estonia.
Website and Social media
Fors MW is regarded as one of the pioneers in our industry in our use of social media to interact with customers and dealers. The group's blog under the title, "A company's journey" gives a unique insight into the life of a company within the manufacturing industry. Alongside social media, in 2016 the company launched a website in 8 languages. A website that is now being relaunched with a new version. It is, and will remain, our most important marketing tool.
- During 2017, had 200,000 visitors from countries around the world. - The blog is read by 4000 visitors every month. Which makes it one of the highest readership blogs in our industry.
Fors MW group
AS FORS MW is the parent company in the group, with head offices in Saue, Estonia since 1992. The site in Estonia has a full scale production facility with manufacturing, product assembly and the group's administration. Headquarters has 125 employees, of which 20 are in administration.
AS FORS MW, Saue, Estonia
FMW Farma Norden AB
FARMA Norden AB was created in Sweden as a subsidiary to AS FORS MW in 1994. The subsidiary is based in its own facility in Norrköping. Farma Norden handles aftermarket sales and the technical support for all the group's operations around the world.
Farma Norden AB, Norrköping, Sweden
Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
Fax: +3726790001
Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
Tel:  +46(0)11165770
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