Fors MW's core values together with our employees and our way of working will ensure that we are always innovative and efficient, at the same time as conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way. It is the people that have made Fors MW what it is today. People with resourcefulness and professionalism are the heart of this success that we have today but also what we strive after tomorrow. Fors MW is represented by a leadership culture that is characterised as the customer in focus, freedom but with responsibility and skills development, all with a local connection.
Quality is an expression of our aim of offering reliable products and services. Our focus must be on our customers' needs and expectations in every aspect of our operations, from product development and production to delivery and aftermarket service. Our aim is to exceed expectations.
All business activity has a degree of risk. Risks that can be effectively managed lead to opportunities and creation of value, while risks that are not managed properly can lead to damage and losses. Safety refers to how our products are used. Focus on safety is an integrated part of our product development work. Our employees are very aware of safety issues.
Principles of business ethics
Fors MW strives for integrity and to follow ethical business principles in all aspects of our operations. The most important principles regard fighting corruption, not facilitating money laundering, reporting transparently and truthfully, fair competition and following the tax regulations of the markets where we are active. Fors MW strives to ensure that no unethical risk is involved in our products and services.
Principles of human rights and social justice
All employees within the group must be treated with the same respect and offered the same opportunities in a safe and healthy working environment. Fors MW supports and respects international human rights. No discrimination of employees on grounds of gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political views, social background or ethnicity is permitted. Fors MW has zero tolerance of forced and/or child labour in all areas of the group's operations and with our suppliers.

Sustainability and Corporate responsibility

Product development
In our product development, safety is always an integrated part of the development work and is always given primacy. Fors MW continuously works to improve the development of our products. This means that our development team always focuses on sustainable, efficient transport solutions with lower fuel consumption.
Fors MW respects laws, regulations and human rights, and stands for high business ethical standards. Fors MW encourages responsible purchasing to improve the social, environmental and business ethical standards of the supply chain.
In our manufacturing process, raw materials and components are produced using energy. Fors MW constantly works to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the emissions of all aspects of our operations. The material control program Monitor is an important tool for efficiency and minimising productivity losses but also an important part of the documentation.
Distribution, service and products in the work
Collaboration with our customers is necessary to satisfy the needs of today and tomorrow, and to fully understand what drives these companies. The customer satisfaction index is not just about the quality, but also knowing how we treat our customers and the service we provide.

It is also about giving something back to society. Fors MW has a strong tradition of giving back to society wherever we operate. We do this through different projects. The projects are different in character dependent on the development of the country.

As a manufacturer of transport solutions, our products play an important role in the daily life of the users. They must contribute to a safe working environment. They must work with the benefit of lower fuel consumption. We must always strive to minimise waste of resources.
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